This Alliance, under the various care of the President of the Republic of Albania, H. E. Mr. Ilir Meta, emerged as a need to sensitize and raise our society for the need of voluntary blood donation, to increase solidarity to donate blood to those in need and to promote volunteering, because voluntary blood donation remains a challenge for us.



All of us, directly or through our family members, needed a blood transfusion at a time. While all social groups like the sick talasemic or others need constant blood pressure, as they need those who undergo surgical interventions or who experience accidents.



To donate blood is an act of humanity and solidarity and I am convinced that this Alliance will work to strengthen this solidarity, as it will work hard to promote volunteering by motivating and encouraging all citizens and especially our youth to donate blood.


– Increase in the number of voluntary blood donors;

– Achieve the 100% voluntary free blood donation objective through creating an encouraging environment;

– Achieve the target of 2% of donations to the population;

– Promote the culture of voluntary blood donation;

– Create and maintain a stable database of voluntary donors;

– Provide a prudent and quality service to donors


These objectives will be made possible through:


  1. 1. Constant awareness of citizens on the issue of voluntary free blood donation, through the organization of promotional campaigns where the center is well-known public figures of various fields: arts, health, science, sports, media etc. .
  2. 2. Organize blood donation sessions at any time and year of the year, reaching the donor through mobile donation sessions especially during the summer when the needs are bigger.
  3. 3. Mobilizing, educating and motivating our youth as a new generation of volunteer blood donors, through meetings at various public and private universities, and in any youth environment in cooperation with youth organizations and various associations.
  4. 4. Co-ordination with universities to provide basic blood knowledge, prevention of HIV / AIDS, and to promote and organize voluntary blood donation sessions.
  5. 5. Optionally, the introduction of blood donation information curricula, where students are helped to understand how it works and how necessary it is, but at the same time and how it can be used in a healthy way to save life.
  6. 6. Establish a solidarity network for blood donation across Albania, through the involvement of Associations and Mayors, through the organization of various public activities such as concerts or sports activities, focusing in particular on the most priority areas where the requirements are most especially in terms of thalassemia, such as Lushnja, Fieri, etc.
  7. 7. Creating a convenient environment for blood donors making blood donation a safe, but also enjoyable experience.
  8. 8. Stimulation of donating donors rarely to turn them into regular donors. Recognizing the contribution of regular donors to society through the creation of a special status for them.
  9. 9. Empowering the World Volunteer Day Blood Donation Day and National Blood Donor Events through Education, Mobilization and Community Inclusion and Creation of Community Networks in Support of Free Voluntary Blood Donation
  10. 10. Cooperation with local associations, European universities, universities etc. for various projects or studies in Albania on the issue of education and promotion of the cause of blood donation.
  11. 11. Scientific conferences and various inter-institutional meetings, with a view to giving greater visibility to the issue of blood donation in the country.



  1. People’s Advocate
  2. Youth Forum of the Socialist Movement for Integration
  3. The Youth Forum of the Democratic Party
  4. Youth Forum of the Socialist Party
  5. Public Health Institution
  6. Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination
  7. Parliamentary Committee on Health
  8. Albanian Red Cross
  9. Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth
  10. Ministry of Health and Social Protection
  11. Aldo Brancati
  12. Anila Godo
  13. Arvin Dibra
  14. Giuseppe Noveli, Rector Univ. Tor Vergata Rome
  15. Irena Centro
  16. Tritan Shehu
  17. The National Center for Promotion and Health Education
  18. The National Blood Transfusion Center
  19. Association of Anesthesiologists and Reanimators of Albania
  20. Association of Albanian Municipalities
  21. The Association of Voluntary Blood Donors
  22. Thalassemic and Hemoglobinopathic Association
  23. Thalassemia Association
  24. Association for Local Autonomy
  25. University of Medicine in Tirana


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The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination and the Egyptian Community Joined President Meta’s Call to Donate Blood

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President Meta visits the People’s Advocate Institution

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